Frequently Asked Questions


What methods of payment are accepted?

  1. Automatic Payment Plan - recurring ACH payments will post on your payment due date - it's free. Print the form for the company on your contract - Click here.
  2. By mail - find your payment address. Mail to Nationwide, PO Box 477, Park Ridge, IL 60068-7477
  3. By phone - call (888) 777-4205
  4. Western Union Quick Collect - code city = Beverly, IL
  5. Pay online - Nationwide Payment Center
  6. In person at the following offices:

Elgin, IL:  890 North State Street, Elgin, IL 60123
Las Vegas, NV:  2250 South Rancho Drive, Suite 155, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Where do I mail my payment?

US Mail - click here for a list, or mail payment to Nationwide, PO Box 477, Park Ridge, IL 60068-7477

Overnight/Expedited service: 10255 West Higgins Road, Suite 300, Rosemont, IL 60018

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What are Nationwide's business hours?

Customer service representatives are available by phone at (888) 777-4205, Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM (Central time) and Saturday from 8 AM - 12 PM, excluding holidays.

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How do I change my billing address or phone number?

  1. Payment coupon booklet:  update information on the back of your payment coupon
  2. Send us a signed letter with updated information
  3. Contact us at (888) 777-4205
  4. If moving to a different state, you may be required to register your vehicle in the new state.  If you need assistance, please contact the Title Department at (800) 622-7605 during normal business hours.
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How can I confirm my payment was received?

  1. If you registered your account online, you may sign in to view payment dates and amounts.  Please allow 24 hours for the system to update information.
  2. Call (888) 777-4205 to use our automated system or speak with a customer service representative during normal business hours.
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How do I get a payoff amount for my loan?

Call (888) 777-4205 and follow the prompts on our automated system, or speak to a customer service representative during normal business hours. If you need a written or fax payoff quote, please request by phone during normal business hours.

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Why do you verify my identity each time I call?

We want to protect your privacy. To ensure we are speaking to an authorized party, we are required to verify each caller's identity. To allow someone not on the contract to discuss your account, you must authorize that person and note what access they will have to your account (i.e., only to make payments or full authorization).

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What if my name changes?

If your legal name has changed, please submit documentation verifying the change (i.e., court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree).

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Am I still responsible to pay if I get divorced?

Yes. You are contractually obligated if you signed the contract, even if you later divorce.

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What if my vehicle was stolen?

Contact your local police department immediately and file a report. Then contact us at (888) 777-4205. You are still responsible for making payments during the insurance claim process, even if your vehicle is not recovered, and even if your insurance claim is denied.

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What if my vehicle is impounded?

Please contact our repossessions department at (800) 622-7605, extension 1203, during normal business hours.

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What kind of insurance is required for my vehicle?

You are required to maintain physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) with a maximum deductible of $1,000 each. This may be different than your state's minimum required insurance.

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What if my vehicle is not insured?

In some states, we may have the right to purchase the required physical damage insurance on your behalf if you do not provide evidence of insurance. The cost of the insurance premium plus interest will be added to your account - this will increase your monthly payment (substantially in some cases), depending on the vehicle and term remaining on your contract. We encourage you to purchase your own physical damage coverage with a maximum deductible of $1,000.

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When will I receive confirmation that my account is paid?

Upon payment in full, the original Contract or Note and Certificate of Title (if we hold one) will be released to you. Depending on your state of residence, documents will be released at 21 days (or sooner if required), and depending on the type of payment made for the final payment. Documents are sent to the address on file - please make sure we have your current address. If your state registers liens electronically, we will release the lien at 21 days (or sooner if required).

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What information is reported to my credit file?

We report the original gross balance, date opened, current balance, any past due amounts, delinquency records (if any), your account status as of the report date, and other information to help the credit reporting agencies confirm your identity.

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What if I want to dispute information in my credit file?

If you submit your dispute directly to us (not through the credit reporting agencies), it must be made in writing and provide supporting documentation. Each dispute will be investigated and receive a written response. Any corrective action will be transmitted electronically to the credit reporting agencies. A copy of the electronic receipt will be enclosed with our written response. A minimum of 30 days should be allowed for updates to be made by credit reporting agencies.

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How do I file a complaint?

You may submit your complaint by clicking here, or contact Anita Cagle at (800) 622-7605, extension 1366.

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