Customer Resources

Nationwide Acceptance is a proud member of AFSA, the American Financial Services Association.  AFSA's mission is to promote responsible, ethical lending to responsible, informed borrowers and to improve and protect consumers' access to credit.  AFSA offers excellent materials about credit, lending and finance.  Click here to view educational pamphlets.


To access an auto financing calculator, please click here - insert variables for purchase price, down payment, APR and term to calculate a monthly payment.


At Nationwide we strongly believe that everyone can benefit from additional information to help make sound financial decisions.  We are pleased to provide you with AFSA Education Foundation's MoneySkill program.  This free program is being used in schools throughout the country.  It is simple, easy to use and informative.  Thank you for your interest in Nationwide; we hope you find these educational materials helpful.  Click here to register for MoneySkill educational modules.