e-Loan Process


Nationwide Loans makes it convenient to apply for a loan online!  Here's how it works:

Application Process

  • Click on Apply Now from our home page.
  • Click on Start New Application to begin.
  • Read about eligibility requirements and information needed for the loan process.
  • Click on Start Application.
  • Enter information requested on each screen and enter Next to advance.
  • Review your information. You can change the information entered by clicking on the left-hand margin of the appropriate section to add or make corrections.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity and answer a few questions about yourself.
  • If your identity is verified, you will be able to close the loan electronically. If not, you can close the loan in person at our offices located in Elgin or Rosemont, Illinois or Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • If you are applying with a co-borrower, a Joint Disclosure screen will open. Both applicants must read the disclosure and enter their initials to continue.
  • Read and initial the Important Disclosure screen.
  • Submit your application.
  • You will see an acknowledgement that your application was submitted. You will be able to print a copy of the application information from this screen. The acknowledgment also directs you to check your email to setup a login to our online closing area which will be used to check the status of your application, upload documents to us, and accept the terms of the loan if we approve your application.

Review Process

  • After review of your application, we will initiate an email instructing you to login to our online closing area and check the status. A link to the login page is provided in the email.
  • Login to see if your application was approved, received a counter-offer or was denied.
  • If you receive an offer or counter-offer, review it and decide whether you wish to proceed. In certain states you may be required to accept or decline optional insurance.
  • Once you make your decision to accept our offer, you will receive another email to login to the online closing area to view documents we sent you AND an email from Adobe with a link to documents requiring your electronic signature. A list of documents to sign through Adobe is also shown in the online closing area.
  • Adobe also requires that you verify your identity and answer a few questions before you are allowed to sign your documents.
  • Once you sign your documents, Adobe will alert us.
  • We can issue you a check or send a direct deposit via ACH to your bank account. If you want your loan proceeds sent via ACH, make sure you sign the authorization form which is part of the Adobe documents.